Milestone Church - A church for the community!

Gathering - This Sunday at 11am

We will be meeting inside starting this Sunday at 11 AM. Children's ministries will not be meeting. We will continue our online service for those that are uncomfortable or un-able to meet in person. Thank you.

For additonal information CLICK HERE. If you have any questions feel free to call the church office at 856-784-2668 or email us.

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Wednesday Night ONLINE 7pm

Come as you are to worship Him

Developing another generation that finds and follows Jesus.

Join us live

CLICK HERE to find out more about our response to Covid

God’s unprecedented love causes us to pivot.

Season of hope

Who are called by MY name

God has a gift for each of us that is just waiting for those that are open for a change.

We will never know the full potential of God in us until we follow God’s process.

Every time something big happens, there is what we call the ‘Aftermath’.

Why wouldn’t we be captivated by a God who loves us?

Don’t simply sit back wondering how you should ‘Deal with it’, look for ways to love.

So when trouble comes, like: loneliness, pain, loss, sickness, disappointment, etc. Believe!

our core