Our Story - Where Milestone started and where we are headed

Where Milestone started and where we're headed

Our Story

We are Milestone Church, a diverse group of people that are discovering milestone moments as we find and follow Jesus. Our name is derived from how important it is for God’s people to remember significant events where God worked mightily in their lives. Major events in the lives of ancient Israel were memorialized by the piling of several stones to serve as markers for people to remember an encounter with the Almighty. One specific example in the Bible, is in Joshua 24 where God’s people experienced a work of God that they wanted remembered for generations. They set out a large stone so that when they and future generations looked at it, they would be reminded of that “Milestone” moment. Salvation is the first of many Milestones in a Christian’s life. The purpose of naming our church, Milestone Church, is to be continually reminded of the Milestones in our lives, how God is moving us toward new Milestones, and to develop another generation of people that experience many Milestones as they follow God’s Word.

It is our BELIEFS and CORE COMMITMENTS that make Milestone Church a place of worship and praise.