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Crushing It

Crushing it – developing healthy habits that create muscle memory and momentum toward a specific outcome.

Walking in the Wilderness

It would be so much easier in life if growth just worked out faster. The difficult part of growth is called the wilderness, and in order to grow, we need to embrace a life of walking through the wilderness.

Revive Us Again

Revive Us Again with Pastor Garris

Count Others More Significant Than Yourselves

Jesus counted others more important than himself, and he wants us to follow his example.


We begin a study in the book of Revelation. This book is an incredible piece of literature. It’s the book that people most want to hear about because they don’t understand it, and its’ the same book that Pastor’s don’t want to teach because they don’t understand it. This book is written to reveal something or someone to us, a reveal that is meant to brings clarity not confusion.

Gambling Advice on Easter Sunday

The day Jesus was crucified there were several people who were gambling with Jesus’ life. There was a lot on the line that day. In this message, we will get some practical advice for many of us that are gambling with Jesus.

Starting Over

Life is a lot like freeze tag. We end up feeling frozen a lot more than we want, but by God’s grace we get to start over and live unfrozen for Him.

The Amazing Race

The Apostle Paul liked to compare the Christian life to a race. There are four essentials for running the race; Dissatisfaction, Concentration, Direction, and Determination. God saved you and put you on this earth… Not just to start a Christian journey, But to finish your Race.

Travel Light

Do you ever stop and look around and wonder how you accumulated so much stuff? When we become too attached to our stuff, we find ourselves less attached to God. For many, letting go of the stuff that’s holding us away from God is a key step in our relationship with Him.

Christmas Eve Service

Hope is Here

The church is made up of its people. It is not about a building; it is about a collection of individuals who have trusted Jesus with their lives and choose to support one another in the journey. I’m starting a mini-series called Hope is Here but, I wanted to pause and talk about Hope. No matter who I talk to, I see people struggling with hope. Question: How do you stay up when you’re down? Life is filled with labor and heavy burdens! When we take Jesus’ yoke, we can stay up when we’re down. Those that come to Jesus will be refreshed.

The Salt - Mike Blackwell

What does it mean to be the “Salt” of the world? Have you lost your flavor and how do you get it back? Are you living a Salty life? Following Christ will help us live the salty life and be an example to others.

A Call to Godliness

We are all called to Godliness. But what does that mean and how can we live that out in our day to day lives? It helps to have an understanding of what is Godliness and ungodliness are. 3 things that can serve as evidence of ungodliness in your life; 1. Insolence - Lack of the fear of God. 2. Independence - Lack of acknowledgment of my need of God. 3. Own Interest - Lack of desire for the will of God.

Fake News

“Beware of Fake News”! This has been tossed around all over the place. So, How do you know what’s true or fake? With current events, how do you inform yourself with the vaccine, masks, COVID or the president? Bigger than current events, how do you get your information about God?

God's Ways Are Perfect

Too many Christians live their lives only with a knowledge of God’s word and thinking about how their faith applies to after they die. And they do not consider that God’s word is something that applies to our lives at this very moment.

Come and See

We recognize the death and brokenness within, and often feel like we’re on our own. We function as if we were orphans without a Heavenly Father. What we need to see is that Jesus desires to come and see you. And in turn we need to invite others to come and see the God who sees them.


Who comes to mind when I say Strong Faith, who would it be? One person for me is Peter. The last time we hear from him is 2 Peter where he reminds us of some critical things that will help us get stronger. Faith is Obtained, this faith is ‘Equal in standing’ and faith comes from God’s righteousness.


What is normal? It’s the way we were used to living. --No masks, handshaking, close talking, movies & dinner, musicals, events, little league, sporting events, etc. Or is it the new "normal"? I would imagine that the followers of Jesus felt that way 2000 years ago.

Get Your Passion Back

Many people describe life today as struggling, frustrated, hurting, angry, etc. The last 12 months have been historic. We lose our passion when we lose sight of our calling. The truth is, many don’t even know their calling. In order to get your passion back, you must start with reclaiming your calling.


What is probably the most important decision a person must make in life? More important than your career, more important than to go to university or not, more important than who you are going to marry. We must choose if we are going to... Accept Jesus Christ as our Savior or not. We must choose if we are going to... Be in a place of PEACE with God or not.

Pain Management

Have you ever avoided someone because you just thought that you wouldn’t get along with them, to later find out that they weren’t so bad after all? Well today, I want to introduce a new friend. You and I have been avoiding them for a long time but it’s time welcome this friend. Pain is my Friend. Too often, we embrace the idea that if we are following Jesus, I won’t have any pain or suffering, but that’s not true.


Each Pivot Point comes back to I Peter 2:11​ – “We are soujourners and exiles” or said slightly different, ‘we are ambassadors’. We are living here temporarily and we are on assignment from God. So, we need to pivot from living as a citizen to living as an ambassador. Who do you need to be a blessing to? How will that affect them if you refuse to be a blessing? And how will it affect you if you quench your calling?

Season of Hope

Christmas time is often referred to as a season of hope. For a month or so, our music changes, our focus on buying that special present, our decorations around the home changes. It’s all very hopeful and I would suggest that we need a fresh infusion of lasting hope today. So let’s see what Peter says. This is the distinction between Christianity and religions.

If My People

Hope begins with proper ID. When I feel hopeless, it’s typically because I am embracing the wrong identity. I can’t embrace the identity I get from someone or something other than God. It causes hopelessness. When I live in hopelessness, I cause hopelessness.


Are you OPEN FOR A CHANGE? God has a gift for each of us that is just waiting for those that are open for a change. God wants us to discover, follow and be blessed by Him and as a result we will make Him more famous, so others will discover, follow and be blessed by Him.

More Power

We will never know the full potential of God in us until we follow God’s process. God wants all of us to have the power needed to navigate life. Follow the simple steps; Buckle up, Fuel up, and Team up.


New Series through Colossians called ‘Captivated’. In this series we will see a church that was vibrant and exciting because they were captivated by Christ. Why wouldn’t we be captivated by a God who loves us?

Deal With It

Many times we are handed some circumstances and told or expected to just ‘deal with it’.

God’s Essential Services

We all have Essentials things in our life that are things you can’t go without. Like food, toilet paper, clothing, and shelter. We don’t often realize how essential they are until we can’t get them. God offers Essential Services to everyone that follows Him. They are important for every day, and especially during a time of crisis.

Greater Than

There’s a phrase that goes, ‘Can’t see the forest for the trees’. It reflects a person/group that can’t see the big picture because they are so focused on a detail in the picture. Today, might be that day for some. Many have looked at this text and missed out on the big picture, because of a detail…