Coronavirus and the church

Thank you for your patience

While we would like to start to go back to normal, we are not ready to commit to our weekly gatherings in the auditorium. We want to take this first safe step and see how it goes and who is willing to gather.

This Sunday we want to get together and celebrate communion out front of our church building. From 11:00am -11:45am

We will be meeting in the front yard of the church and you will need to bring your own chairs.

Practice social distancing

Wearing masks is required

Children are welcome to be there as long as parents keep the children with them.

If you are not comfortable, that’s ok, we will still be streaming this live on FB and Youtube.

I’m looking forward to this gathering! We will keep you updated as to the specific date that we will commit to reopening. Thank you for being so understanding and patient.

Serving Christ, Pastor Bill Dilworth